What is the Uzo Method Project?

The Uzo Method project explores the use of alternative healing modalities as a public health solution to increase wellness across communities.

This method uses education, demonstration,  performance, community service and research to practice evidence based methods of supporting healing using the healing arts


Photo by Carlos Wilborn

This project aims to increase awareness of how simple wellness can be enhanced through the physical, social, mental and spiritual aspects of life. Bodies in motion improve health and wellbeing. Its therapeutic effects improve physical and emotional functioning. It restores, re-mediates, and rehabilitates body functioning. Dance engages all aspects of wellbeing weaving in the expressive, reflective, communicative, and adaptive behaviors.  Music provides additional positive effects on brain chemistry which engages the spirit, enhancing the mind, body and spirit connection in a powerful way. Music and dance is an energizer, stress reliever and quality of life enhancer.