The Uzo Method Project- A Public Health Solution- Community Based Resource Center for PMAD


From December of 2011 through March of 2013, women who were diagnosed with or at risk for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD) were offered an Uzo Method dance intervention. There were 54 dance interventions provided for 28 unique participants. Participants were asked to rate their stress and energy on a 5 point scale both before and after the intervention The proportion of participants who reported a reduction in stress was 83.33%. The proportion of participants who reported an increase in energy was 81.25%. This is wonderful information that proves my belief that dance improves well being and especially when life is tough. Parenting in the first few years can be especially challenging when PPMD is suspected or diagnosed. The community can help at large if we can sensitive to new moms, their emotions, the resources and support systems that encourage dancing together. Let us all get up and get moving with good music. Uzoamaka Nwankpa RN BSN Grand Canyon University Graduate Student Masters of Nursing Science Uzo Nwankpa, facilitated all the sessions and collected the data which was compiled and analyzed by Fania Bevill, also a  registered nurse.