Calling all seekers of liberation.

“Womyn it is time”~ ❤

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The 2017 HoneyRoot Summer Initiation Retreat takes place at beautiful Shady Creek Retreat Center, which is a gorgeous space where earth, water, trees and sky surround us as we spend our days selecting from a wide array of movement, dance and voice workshops, healing ceremonies, sacred rituals, performances, and yes, even time for rest! It’s a chance to deeply resource and nourish yourself, meet other women and come together as sisters in the ways that are most natural to the feminine soul.

honey rootThis weekend is open to women of all ages, and there are specific offerings for maidens and elders as well as childcare should you wish to bring your young one along and ensure that s/he gets to have just as much fun as you! All these details and more are elaborated at http://www.honeyroot.org and you can easily Register Here

Radical Movement for Self Care

Hatch .png

Come join us at the Hatch Community Event where Uzo will be facilitating a

Radical Movement for Self Care Workshop

Come and share with community members ways to move your body to achieve more energy, relive stress and activate loving connection with yourself and others. We all have the ability to activate our greatest power which lies internally.

When : Wednesday, December 21, 2016  6pm -7pm

Where:  555 19th St suite 131 Oakland CA

Hatch provides doula trainings and support to low-income young parents between the ages of 18 and 24, creating a community for and by young parents.

For more information visit Hatch

Uzo @ Congress for World AIDS Day- The wellness perspective


We will be here. Community healing at its finest. What better way than to play Live music and motion towards wellness.

It is all a balance.

The Uzo Method Project is proud to support the Tucson community in promoting wellnesss and elevating the spirit through music and movment. Lets celebrate hope.


Richard Noel and Uzo Nwankpa at Cyclovia Tucson AZ 2013

The Uzo Method Project @ Camp Maui’tondo

I have felt nothing but gratitude since my return from Hawaii. The sights and sounds of Maui is indescribable. i was thoroughly inspired and can’t wait to get back. In the meantime, here is a very shallow view of my experience. We stayed at a YMCA camp and my roomies were so much fun. Le Fluer, a new friend took me to the Tarot patch and we walked through and absorbed all the magical energy, it was GREAT!!!

The ladies in action, (bunk mates, room mates, camp mates)


One of many great views


Having one of tha best banana breads ever
Tarot-(Ede in igbo, coc in Yoruba, Tarrot in certain parts of the Congo)


When I arrived, I had to capture the room with all its incredible energy, its hard to believe what happens in this room

It was an amazing experience and I was delighted that camp participants absolutely embraced this crazy idea of collecting empirical data to assess energy and stress levels pre and post the Uzo Method session.

But first, the Nigerian dance experience was delightful. Akeem is Yoruba and I am Igbo. Together, we are WaZoBia (Without the Zo) This fusion of Igbo and Yoruba dance is an innovative way for community to find similarities in culture to blend and to be one. After all  that”s what MAMA AFRICA would want. Enjoy.

Blissesd out after dancing Sule on the right
After dinner, outside enjoying the breeze with Akeem and Makaya
The final class by Vivien- totally rocked the house

The Uzo Method Project got mixed into the drum and dance camp community. We danced, we sang, we stretched, guided imagery was used, spirits invoked and voila….magic happens. Photos by Ingrid Martin

6 1 2 3 4 5

Now the results.

Below is a very simple picture of what happened. We already know that music and movement increase endorphins and reduce stress hormones keeping us healthy I asked 10 participants to volunteer to give me feedback about their experience.

Bar Graph that depicts the change in energy and stress levels

graph (1)
graph (4)
95% of the participants had an increase in energy levels
graph (5)
75% of the participants had a decrease in stress levels

 Amazing results

Check us out at http://www.theuzo.com