Reflections from El Paso TX post healing session.

The people I met when I visited El Paso TX became an inspiration to me.


The first time I ventured into the town, we received so much love. This 2nd time around, it was similar.

A man told me ” You left an essence in the room the last time you were here and it shows up every time we play our drums”


A lady said to me” Have your driven through? have you seen the border? pretty intense.


We danced and and we played and we drummed and we sang and we prayed for all to feel this joy, to believe in life again

To be awakened

To continue the fight

We got undressed


removed the the body and were floating the highs of the pure spirit

I am truly honored to hear the voices of those lost

The ancestry will not be forgotten



I asked a few volunteers to self report their perceived stress and energy levels before and after the intervention.

Objectifying my intuition

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