Caroline Plummer Community Dance Project Dunedin, New Zealand 

Starting next week, we will begin our 8 week sessions of music and dance with new mothers and their babies. Free of charge. Expect to have a great time with, connect with other parents, get in touch with your creativity and learn about healing through movement.

Monday’s and Tuesdays at 3pm at the Dunedin Parents Centre

Wednesday’s at 11am at the Halfway Bush Playgroup.

Looking forward to it.

Community Dance Classes Dunedin New Zealand

One of the most exciting things I get to do is bring the flavor of my homeland to New Zealand. For 8 weeks starting next week, we will move and groove to the rhythms of Africa to stay warm in cold Dunedin. I cannot wait to dance with you all. See you there.  

Wednesday Afrobeats July 15 @ 4pm

Friday Afro-Dizzy-ak (Aphrodesiac

July 17th @12:10pm 

665 Cumberland Street

3rd floor dance studio

Cost: Koha (Donation)


Uzo to dance with Kids Fit Life Fall Program- HAPPY organization

kid fit life



I am super excited to work with these amazing youth. I cannot wait. If you are interested in having your children participate, please visit

We will move to inspire

We will move to motivate and we will move to live


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The Kids Fit Life Fall Program has invited The Uzo Method Project to facilitate some dance movements with the youth at the YWCA on October 26th 2013.

“The HAPPY organization’s mission is to improve the health and wellness of Arizona youth and families through education, outreach, and advocacy about proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.  And, while we work to improve health and fitness conditions for all children, we have a particular concern for under-served, at-risk, and obese youths”.

This is an honor to be able to work with Haile Thomas founder of the HAPPY organization a dedicated and passionate health advocate for her peers. Haile is  a popular motivational speaker; she has spoken at several major events including, the Songs For a Healthier America Album launch event, at Deepak Chopra’s 2013 Sages & Scientists Symposium, the 2013 Clinton Foundations Health Matters Conference, the 2011 Partnership for a Healthier America Summit, and at the YWCA’s 25th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference. Haile has also done two TEDx Talks, one in Tucson and in Vancouver, Canada.

The Uzo Method Project @ Camp Maui’tondo

I have felt nothing but gratitude since my return from Hawaii. The sights and sounds of Maui is indescribable. i was thoroughly inspired and can’t wait to get back. In the meantime, here is a very shallow view of my experience. We stayed at a YMCA camp and my roomies were so much fun. Le Fluer, a new friend took me to the Tarot patch and we walked through and absorbed all the magical energy, it was GREAT!!!

The ladies in action, (bunk mates, room mates, camp mates)


One of many great views


Having one of tha best banana breads ever
Tarot-(Ede in igbo, coc in Yoruba, Tarrot in certain parts of the Congo)


When I arrived, I had to capture the room with all its incredible energy, its hard to believe what happens in this room

It was an amazing experience and I was delighted that camp participants absolutely embraced this crazy idea of collecting empirical data to assess energy and stress levels pre and post the Uzo Method session.

But first, the Nigerian dance experience was delightful. Akeem is Yoruba and I am Igbo. Together, we are WaZoBia (Without the Zo) This fusion of Igbo and Yoruba dance is an innovative way for community to find similarities in culture to blend and to be one. After all  that”s what MAMA AFRICA would want. Enjoy.

Blissesd out after dancing Sule on the right
After dinner, outside enjoying the breeze with Akeem and Makaya
The final class by Vivien- totally rocked the house

The Uzo Method Project got mixed into the drum and dance camp community. We danced, we sang, we stretched, guided imagery was used, spirits invoked and voila….magic happens. Photos by Ingrid Martin

6 1 2 3 4 5

Now the results.

Below is a very simple picture of what happened. We already know that music and movement increase endorphins and reduce stress hormones keeping us healthy I asked 10 participants to volunteer to give me feedback about their experience.

Bar Graph that depicts the change in energy and stress levels

graph (1)
graph (4)
95% of the participants had an increase in energy levels
graph (5)
75% of the participants had a decrease in stress levels

 Amazing results

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