Peace March East Oakland

Wellness Promoters LLC’s CEO, @uzonwankpa Uzo Nwankpa, in collaboration with community members will be bringing Igbo libation, drumming, movement and chants to energize the mind body and spirit of the East Oakland community.

Photo of Uzo Nwankpa at the Essence Fest
by Robin Argarwal

Adamika Village mission is

“We are committed to educate our village to decrease violence and increase prosperity. We are committed to encourage our village to love and support one another, and bring unity to our community. To empower our village to live a successful and safe life, we are Adamika Village. #stopkillingourkidsmovement.”

Tanya Dennis Founder of Adamika Village
Parent of one of the victims of the shootings
Uzo Nwankpa doing the Libations

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