West African Drum and Dance Workshop in Dunedin, New Zealand

Drum and Dance Workshop Dunedin

September 19th 2015 1pm-3pm

283 Princess street (old post office building)

This 2 hour movement and percussion workshop provides the opportunity to experience the healing power of the ancient African rhythms with a unique style of guided facilitation using ritual practices, songs and dances from Nigeria, West Africa.The crippling fear that prevents the natural state of the dancing body will be explored with ease allowing a gentle progression of the dance movements with the use of the vibrations of the drums. Come and experience self transformation through dance facilitated by Uzo Nwankpa, a global figure who is merging ancient knowledge with innovation and feel the rhythm on the drums with Koffie Fugah a Chief Drummer, dancer and performer from Ghana, West Africa.

No experience necessary.

Limited spots. Register early to reserve your spot. call Koffie 021 02680964

Cost: $35 (Includes drum if you don’t have one)

Event Page on FB

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