Uzo to dance with Kids Fit Life Fall Program- HAPPY organization

kid fit life



I am super excited to work with these amazing youth. I cannot wait. If you are interested in having your children participate, please visit

We will move to inspire

We will move to motivate and we will move to live


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The Kids Fit Life Fall Program has invited The Uzo Method Project to facilitate some dance movements with the youth at the YWCA on October 26th 2013.

“The HAPPY organization’s mission is to improve the health and wellness of Arizona youth and families through education, outreach, and advocacy about proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.  And, while we work to improve health and fitness conditions for all children, we have a particular concern for under-served, at-risk, and obese youths”.

This is an honor to be able to work with Haile Thomas founder of the HAPPY organization a dedicated and passionate health advocate for her peers. Haile is  a popular motivational speaker; she has spoken at several major events including, the Songs For a Healthier America Album launch event, at Deepak Chopra’s 2013 Sages & Scientists Symposium, the 2013 Clinton Foundations Health Matters Conference, the 2011 Partnership for a Healthier America Summit, and at the YWCA’s 25th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference. Haile has also done two TEDx Talks, one in Tucson and in Vancouver, Canada.

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