April was a fabulous Month- Highlight of events

It has been an amazing month of April. I have been privileged to be a part of the Tucson Community and to be immersed in all the things I am truly passionate about. Here is a summary of my April

I accepted a new position as a Nurse Consultant supporting new moms and their babies. It has been a huge accomplishment for me as well as a new and exciting challenge. I visited Denver CO for training and I managed to get a few other nurses to join me in dancing “Kaka” Togolese style with the lovely and talented Koffi.


On April 12th, my partner and I got to host the Hey Baby art against sexual violence which was an amazing experience of art, and performance and activism. Image

On April 13th I got to see Fela live and I was in tears the entire time. I loved the show, the dancing was phenomenal, all black girls who look like me and dance like me and Nigeria is the topic. WOW. Lovely birthday gift.


April 19th Afri-Can Benefit We got to dance, sing, tell educational tales to raise funds for children in Senegal who happen to be orphans




April 22nd I got to dance with a room full of 3, 4 and 5 yr olds and they were phenomenal. Their teacher was well versed in many topics around Africa. She had them make some art with the colors of the country and they sang the Yoruba welcome song. They signed while they sang and the counted to ten in Swahili. It was impressive. We drummed, we danced, we sang. I love working with children, they fuel me.


April 24 Take Back the Night Tucson- This was by far the most involved I have been involved in a community event such as this. The planning committee consisted of a few passionate folks and supportive agencies. I got to play music and facilitate healing movements right after the event. The children came up right away and danced. I loved the shift of energy and it was completely healing for me too.



We had Bongos, Congas, Djembes, Singer, poet and a Native American flutist


April 26th My Birthday- This year was completely fabulous. I got to facilitate the one billion rising choreography to people of the community. It was highly emotional AND THE BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT. I then off to Sonoita Vineyards for the weekend.

April 28th Cyclovia- Tucson closed down streets to experience the outdoors and create a safe fun space for all on wheels. We got to dance on bicycles and drum in the streets. So much fun




Our presence at Cyclovia was funded in part by Kresge P.L.A.C.E. IV grant, administered through Tucson Pima Arts Council.


Finally, April 29th, I co facilitated a lecture on the healing of the drum and music of indigenous people co presented with Dr Praise Zenega of the U of A School of Africana Studies. It was great to get feedback from the students.

Its been an amazing month. Don’t forget to check out the calendar if you want to be a part of the adventure. Next Month, there are a few events you do not want to miss.

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